MPIBA Free Digital Marketing Programs


MPIBA offers several Digital Marketing Programs to our Members! We encourage all bookstore members to sign up and take advantage of these ready-made, completely FREE, consumer facing book selling programs!

The marketing opportunities include:

  • The Reading the West Shortlist & Voting Announcement (Spring 2024)
  • The Great Summer Reading Guide (Summer 2024)
  • The Holiday Gift Guide Catalog (Late Fall 2024)

Each campaign, powered by our friends at Shelf Awareness, features store-branded emails sent to your customer email list, which direct customers to a store-branded shopping web page full of titles. BUY NOW buttons link directly to your website or other e-commerce platform.

Once you've signed up and participated in any of these programs, you DO NOT need to register again! You will be contacted prior to each program to approve the e-mail(s) and Shopping Page and provide an updated customer email list.

If you are a new MPIBA member, or are interested in participating in these programs for the first time, click HERE to register.

Let us know if you have questions or need more information.