Reading Is Sexy and Read or Die Stickers

Order these wildly-successful stickers, with new designs available, to sell in your bookstore!

  • These self-adhesive stickers are printed with black U.V. ink on 3.25 mil white vinyl and measure 4.25″ x 5.5″.

  • Suited for outdoor use, the stickers should last 3-5 years without fading.

  • You will approve a proof of your stickers before they are ordered (unless it’s a reorder).

  • Each box of 250 stickers is $150, postage paid via Priority Mail to your store address.

  • Sticker orders should be received by the store within three weeks after the PayPal payment is received and the order is placed.

  • Complete the form below to order your stickers.



Reading Is Sexy and Read or Die - Sticker Order Form

  • Read or Die - Sticker #1

  • ROD_AbsolutelyFiction_OneBigBookSkull_June2016_300px    
  • One box of 250 stickers, postage paid.
    Price: $150.00 Quantity:
  • Read or Die - Sticker #2

  • ROD_AbsolutelyFiction_FourSkulls_BookSkull_2016_300px    
  • One box of 250 stickers, postage paid.
    Price: $150.00 Quantity:
  • Read or Die - Sticker #3

  • ROD_AbsolutelyFiction_ThreeSkulls_CoffeeSkull_June2016_300px    
  • One box of 250 stickers, postage paid.
    Price: $150.00 Quantity:
  • Read or Die - Sticker #4

  • ROD_OldFirehouse_July2013_300px    
  • One box of 250 stickers, postage paid.
    Price: $150.00 Quantity:
  • Reading is Sexy - Sticker #5

  • RIS_BetweenTheCovers_May2016  
  • One box of 250 stickers, postage paid.
    Price: $150.00 Quantity:
  • This is the amount that will appear on the PayPal screen that you will select below.
  • Bookstore Order Information

  • Complete all information below; almost all fields are required.
    If this is a sticker order for a bookstore that has never ordered before or a changed order for an existing bookstore, you will approve a proof in advance of the order, sent to the e-mail that you list below.
    If this is a reorder, please say "Reorder; use information on hand at MPIBA." No proof will be generated.
    Please allow three weeks for delivery.
  • Please include your street address and a post office box address (where applicable), as the stickers are shipped via the US Postal Service Priority Mail.
  • For a bookstore who has never ordered stickers before OR a bookstore who wants to change an existing order:
    Your imprint information below equates to two lines at the bottom of the sticker (see examples above). The first line is the bookstore name; the second line is normally city and state with a bullet separator and your website address. But we'll customize it however you want, space permitting.
    For a bookstore who wants to simply reorder stickers that have previously been produced:
    Enter the word "REORDER" below.
    You can also leave notes or comments for MPIBA in this section.
  • Paying for Your Sticker Order

    Thank you for your Reading Is Sexy and/or Read or Die sticker order. You will pay for this order with a secure PayPal transaction.
    The "PayPal" button will take you to a new screen AFTER you hit "submit," where you can pay with PayPal Credit, a credit card, or a bank transfer; all of these options are available through PayPal.
    Your PayPal receipt will be used instead of an invoice or sales receipt from MPIBA.
    Please contact MPIBA if you have questions or comments.
  • Thank you for your order! You will receive a on-screen confirmation and then an e-mailed confirmation after hitting the "submit" button.


Posted June 7, 2016
Updated July 10, 2017