MPIBA membership allows publishers, sales reps, and wholesalers/distributors to support MPIBA booksellers and the MPIBA mission. Join now for direct access to a vibrant, diverse group of regional booksellers, and exciting regional events and programs.

Publisher/Wholesaler Membership

Open to publishers, wholesalers, and book distributors (or their representatives), operating in the MPIBA region. Publisher membership covers all imprints, but not distribution clients. These are voting members and are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.

  • Publisher/Organization dues cover all house sales reps.
  • Extensive advertising and promotional opportunities for your titles to MPIBA members.
  • Opportunity to buy advertising space in the MPIBA Holiday Gift Guide Catalog, both print and digital/email editions.
  • Ability to submit title nominations for the annual Reading the West Book Awards.
  • Opportunity to exhibit at the Fall Trade Show.
  • Opportunity to pitch authors for MPIBA conferences, trade shows, and other regional events.
  • Advertise your available positions for free on our Regional Job Listings page.
  • Direct access to bookstores and booksellers in the MPIBA region and beyond.
  • Demonstrate your organization’s support for MPIBA member bookstores and indie bookselling.
  • Discounted membership for you and your authors at Storiad. Learn more about the program here.
  • $150
Join Now as a Publisher, Distributor, or House Sales Rep