Page Turner Bookstore

Page Turner Bookstore & Coffee Bar is the newest addition to the Aspen Park Village Shopping Center. Originally Mountain Books serving the neighborhood for nearly 30 years and owned by the “Jesses” –first McKean for 29 years and more recently Jasinski— Page Turner Bookstore will continue to nurture the nostalgia of “the way things were” while providing a warm and welcoming space for readers, creators, coffee, tea and cocoa drinkers, and imagineers of all ages and backgrounds. Enhancing the used bookstore experience will be sink-into-them upholstered chairs and a coffee bar, stocked with Aspen Park’s own The Bean & The Leaf products as well as pastries from Mountaintop Confections. I don’t know about you, but we find that a cup of coffee is richer when accompanied with a book and a book is more memorable with a cup coffee.

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