Literacy Grant Online Application

Mountains & Plains annually presents grants of $500 - $1,000 to support non-profit literacy programs in our region. Please complete the form below to apply. Applications must be received by August 31. Applicants will receive notification of disposition of grant monies by September 30.
  • This organization is recognized as tax-exempt; enter the state of recognition below.
  • Describe your organization, its history, and current programming.
  • Detailed description of the event or program for which you are requesting the grant.
  • Does this program benefit people with minimum literacy skills? How?
  • What are the anticipated short-term and long-term effects of this program?
  • Is funding being sought from other sources? What are they? Has funding been received or promised from other sources?
  • Documentation of the results of this program is required by MPIBA as a condition of receiving the grant. How do you propose to provide MPIBA with this information and by what date?