Holiday Marketing Made Easy

Use this turn-key marketing program to sell lots of books, and drive customers to your store and website this holiday season.


Include the catalog in book shipments from your store leading up to the holidays.

Create holiday displays using our provided marketing materials — include catalog titles and other great gift ideas.

Bag stuff catalogs at the cash wrap to bring your customers back!

Use them as a marketing piece outside of your store: Insert them in local newspapers or mail them to customers.

The creative marketing possibilities are endless!


Ingram Wholesale offers special discounts on all titles included in the Holiday Gift Guide. Discount program details will be announced in September.

Sign up for FREE and you’ll receive:

Printed Holiday Gift Guides

Beautifully designed, full color marketing piece

Filled with great gift ideas for adults and children

Personalized with your store logo and contact information

Order 1,000 to 50,000, all completely free! (Including FREE shipping to your store.)

Add a coupon or personalized marketing message to bring people to the store.

Email Holiday Gift Guide

Four emails, each filled with a selection of the same titles as the print catalogs, conveniently sent to YOUR customer list.

Personalized with your logo and links.

Featuring BUY NOW buttons for each book, linking directly to your e-commerce platform.

Powered by our friends at Shelf Awareness

If your store sends Shelf Awareness for Readers, the Pre-Order Campaign email, or the IndieNext list to your customers, make sure you’re sending the holiday gift guide too!

Holiday Marketing Assets for Your Store Promotions

Printable display signs.

Book & shelf talkers mailed to you for use in these and other favorite books.

Digital assets for use on your social media, website, and customer emails during the holidays

Holiday Catalog Marketing Reimbursement Program

We’ll reimburse you .03 cents per piece for newspaper insertions or direct mail campaigns.

Or, we’ll reimburse you for funds spent distributing and marketing the Holiday Gift Guide Catalogs up to $100, with a minimum order of 3,000 catalogs.

See all the details here.

Program details & deadlines

Book jackets featured here are placeholders. Final design will be presented in August 2020.
  • Holiday Marketing Program Registration Opens
  • Plan for newspaper insertions or direct mail campaigns.
  • Plan your custom marketing message or coupon (optional)
  • Order the quantity of print catalogs you want for the holidays.
  • Minimum order = 500. No maximum! (And still completely free.)
  • Register to send the email catalogs to your customers. You will be contacted in the early fall to send an updated customer email list to Shelf Awareness.


  • Final cover design will be presented. See graphic to left.
  • Deadline for print catalog orders and custom imprint approvals is August 30.
  • Holiday Gift Guide Catalog title list available for reference. Check out the title list here.
  • Holiday Gift Guide playlist available. Check out the playlist here.
  • Print Holiday Gift Guides arrive in stores.
  • Shelf/book Talkers will be mailed to stores for use in displays, and digital and downloadable assets will be available for your holiday marketing.
  • Email program participants will be contacted for updated email lists.
  • Digital editions of the Holiday Gift Guide sent to your customer email lists, via Shelf Awareness.
    • Three emails are planned to send on Mondays, beginning on November 16.