Fall Discovery Show 2018 – Bookseller Reservation Form

Register for the Fall Discovery Show by August 31, 2018

Current MPIBA member bookstores are welcome to attend this year’s Fall Discovery Show. If you haven’t already renewed your membership dues for 2018-2019, you can easily do that in this form.
Meal and event tickets are on a first-come, first-served basis, so plan on submitting this form at your earliest convenience. Beginning September 1, 2018, a $25 late fee will be automatically added.

No registration is necessary for the Saturday bookseller educational sessions and roundtables.

You will pick up name badges and meal tickets at the Registration Desk when you arrive at the Fall Discovery Show.
You can pay for your Fall Discovery Show 2018 and Membership Renewal with a secure credit card transaction.
You must pay for your total charges when you submit this form; otherwise, you are not considered registered for the Show. Your selections and charges will be recapped in a notification letter you will receive after submitting. Your credit card receipt and e-mailed notification will be used instead of an invoice or sales receipt from MPIBA.
If you have questions about this Bookseller Reservation Form or your bookstore’s registration status, or if you already submitted the form and need to make changes for yourself and your attending booksellers, please do not complete another form.
Instead, communicate changes via e-mail to MPIBA:

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s Show!


Room Reservations at
The Renaissance Denver Stapleton Hotel

3801 Quebec Street
Denver, CO 80207
(888) 228-9290 or (303) 399-7500

September 18:
Deadline to receive special $149 room rate at The Renaissance Denver Stapleton Hotel.

Book your group rate sleeping room for MPIBA.

Or you can call (888) 228-9290 or (303) 399-7500, then choose the option for reservations. Be sure to mention that you are with the MPIBA Fall Discovery Show.

The hotel does not provide a shuttle service from Denver International Airport, so you can take the light rail, a private car service, or a taxi to the hotel.

Click here for more information about transportation.


Questions and Information

Heather Duncan, Executive Director

Kathy Keel, Operations Manager
(970) 484-3939 or 800-752-0249

Originally posted July 12, 2018.


Fall Discovery Show 2018 - BOOKSELLER Reservation Form

  • ______________________________________________________________________________________
  • This form is due by August 31, 2018.

    Forms received September 1 and later will incur a $25 late fee.

    Navigating This Form:

    Use the TAB key to move from field to field and from section to section in this form. If you hit the "enter" or "return" key, your form will submit before you are finished.
  • 1 - Update Your Store with MPIBA

    Mountains and Plains has an interactive bookstore database which links to the “Find a Bookstore” area of our website.

    Click to view your current information.
    "Find a Bookstore" on the MPIBA website.

    It is important to update your information when it changes (online links, number of employees or titles, management changes) so that visitors and potential customers visiting MPIBA's website will have the latest information about your store.

    Click to establish your account:
    Access the Bookstores Online Database

    Click if you know your account login:
    Login to the Bookstores Online Database
  • 2 - Bookstore Information

  • Please list "A," "The," at the end of your bookstore name, preceded by a comma.
  • 2 - Membership Dues

    You do not have to complete this section if you are a new bookstore member with special arrangements with MPIBA.

    For all other bookstores: If you have not already joined MPIBA as a new member or renewed your dues for 2018-2019, please make a selection below based on your bookstore's number of employees.
  • Please select one of the options below.
  • This donation is to help defray expenses for booksellers to travel to the Fall Discovery Show and other events. This donation is totally optional, and any amount will be welcomed by your fellow bookseller members.
  • 2 - Schedule of Events

    Thursday, October 11
    Children's Author & Illustrator Breakfast
    Pick of the Lists - 9:30am-12:30pm; 1:30pm-4:15pm
    Exhibit Hall Gala Opening Reception
    Meet & Greet at Station 16 Brewery - walking distance from The Renaissance

    Friday, October 12
    Women's Voices Author Breakfast
    Exhibit Hall Open - 9:30am-12:30pm; 1:30pm-4:00pm
    Author! Author! Lunch
    Young Readers Roundup - no cost; registration required
    Genre Author Panel: Speculative Fiction - no cost; registration required
    Cocktail Reception & Literary Trivia Game
    Gala Author Banquet - red and white wine will be provided on the dining tables

    Saturday, October 13
    Authors of Future Releases Breakfast
    MPIBA Annual Membership Meeting
    ABA Education Session
    Educational Sessions and Roundtables - 1:30-3:45pm
    Reading the West Book Awards Luncheon - Jamie Harrison, Dusti Bowling, and a video appearance from David Grann
    Books & Brews
  • 3 - Name Badges Plus Meal and Event Tickets

    Name Badges

    Any bookseller attending the Fall Discovery Show must have a name badge.

    Please enter names of all attendees below, even if you are NOT registering for any meals or events.

    Meal and Event Tickets

    Sign up for meal and event tickets in this same block.

    Publishers' author and events sponsorships allow meal ticket prices for booksellers to be well below MPIBA's cost. Publishers and sales reps will provide MPIBA with the names of booksellers who have been invited to join their table during a meal event by giving them a complimentary meal ticket, so you do not have to list your invitations in this form. Booksellers' meal tickets will be refunded after the Show, when MPIBA has processed all of the complimentary ticket lists.
  • 1. Add each bookseller attending in the first block below (not all capital letters or not all lower-case letters, please)
    2. Then use the pop-up form to select meals and events for that bookseller. Hit "submit" when you're done.
    3. Use the "Add Bookseller" button to continue to add booksellers until you're finished.
    4. You can view your subtotal in the "Add Booksellers Total" price block.
    Bookseller Name (for badges) Children's A&I Breakfast - $20 Pick of the Lists - $0 Exhibit Hall Gala Opening Reception - $0 Meet & Greet at Station 16 - $0 Women's Voices Breakfast - $20 Author! Author! Lunch - $20 Young Readers Roundup - $0 Genre Author Panel - $0 Gala Author Banquet - $45 Future Releases Breakfast - $20 Reading the West Luncheon - $25 Books & Brews - $15  
    There are no Booksellers.
  • Price: $0.00
  • Fall Discovery Show - Bookstore Charges for 2018

    Thank you for registering. You will pay for your Fall Discovery Show 2018 charges and Membership Dues with a secure credit card transaction below.

    You must pay for your total charges above when you submit this form in order to be registered for the Show.

    Your credit card receipt and e-mailed notification will be used instead of an invoice or sales receipt from MPIBA.
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