Fall Discovery Show 2018 Bookseller Extra Event Tickets

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  • Final deadline for online purchases is Wednesday, October 3, 2018.

    After that date, additional tickets may be purchased at the registration desk, if available.

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  • Please list "A," "The," at the end of your bookstore name, preceded by a comma.
  • Event Tickets & Free Registration

    Publishers' author and events sponsorships allow meal ticket prices for booksellers to be well below MPIBA's cost. Publishers and sales reps will provide MPIBA with the names of booksellers who have been invited to join their table during a meal event by giving them a complimentary meal ticket, so you do not have to list your invitations in this form. Booksellers' meal tickets will be refunded after the Show, when MPIBA has processed all of the complimentary ticket lists.
  • 1. Add each bookseller attending in the first block below (not all capital letters or not all lower-case letters, please)
    2. Then use the pop-up form to select meals and events for that bookseller. Hit "submit" when you're done.
    3. Use the "Add Bookseller" button to continue to add booksellers until you're finished.
    4. You can view your subtotal in the "Add Booksellers Total" price block.
    Bookseller Name (for badges) Children's A&I Breakfast - $20 Pick of the Lists - $0 Exhibit Hall Gala Opening Reception - $0 Meet & Greet at Station 26 - $0 Women's Voices Breakfast - $20 SOLD OUT Author! Author! Lunch Young Readers Roundup - $0 Genre Author Panel - $0 Gala Author Banquet - $45 Future Releases Breakfast - $20 Reading the West Luncheon - $25 Books & Brews - $15  
    There are no Booksellers.
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  • All money collected for the Give a Bookseller a Lift program is given through grants to booksellers to help them defray the costs of travel to MPIBA events and meetings.
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