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June 30 – July 2

Macmillan Editors Buzz Panel

Thursday, July 2 | 10:30AM MDT/11:30AM CST

Michael Flamini

St. Martin’s Publishing Group

Lee Harris


Will Hinton


Sean McDonald

Farrar, Straus, and Giroux

Weslie Turner

Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group

Caroline Zancan

Henry Holt and Company

Editors from across Macmillan Publishers join us to talk about their favorite books of the upcoming season.

July 15 – July 16

Children’s Institute with the American Booksellers Association

July 15-16

While the American Booksellers Association canceled the 8th annual Children’s Institute due to the disruption of the COVID-19 outbreak, booksellers are invited to participate in a virtual program on July 15–16. Programming will feature a day of education on July 15 and a day dedicated to connecting with publishers on July 16. The event is open to all ABA member booksellers; registration will open in June. Watch upcoming issues of Bookselling This Week for details about programming and links to participate.

July 21 – July 23

Other Press & Europa Editions

Tuesday, July 21 | 11AM MST/12PM CST

Other Press Publisher Judith Gurewich, and Europa Editions Editor-in-chief Michael Reynolds, will present current and forthcoming titles from these award-winning indie presses.

Visionary Voices: Speculative Fiction Author Conversation

Tuesday, July 21 | 3PM MST/4PM CST

Join us as five very different authors of speculative fiction present their books and answer questions from our bookseller moderator.

Edelweiss360 — Successful Email Marketing in a Brave New World

Wednesday, July 22 | 10AM MST/11AM CST

While it may not be business as usual yet, stores are adapting to ensure they can continue to meet their customers’ needs, getting books into their hands in new ways. Effective customer email marketing has never been so important. To make this easier, more and more stores are taking advantage of free access to Edelweiss360, an email marketing platform that allows stores to create custom, targeted campaigns that promote titles or events in just minutes. Targeted campaigns are generating an impressive average of 38 sales per 100 customers emailed, allowing stores to continue successfully handselling to their customers in new ways. The new Collaborative Consumer Marketing program allows stores to benefit from optional publisher marketing dollars as well. Join us to learn more about the kinds of campaigns that stores are creating to generate sales and stay connected with their loyal customers.

HarperCollins Author Extravaganza!

Wednesday, July 22 | 1PM MDT/2PM CST

The HarperCollins team Is excited to present seven fantastic books from their upcoming list. The authors will join us, so hear about these books in their own words. Additional authors to come!

Independent Publisher’s Caucus

Thursday, July 23 | 11AM MDT/12PM CST

Details coming soon.

Meet Erewhon

Thursday, July 23 | 1PM MDT/2PM CST

Spend an hour getting to know Erewhon Books, a brand new science fiction and fantasy indie publisher, distributed by Workman! Join publisher and editor Liz Gorinsky, editor Sarah Guan, and Marketing and Publicity Manager Martin Cahill, and learn more about our mission and our titles, as well as brief readings from our Fall 2020 line-up of authors, including C. L. Polk, E. Lily Yu, and more! There may be a chance for a brief Q+A, time allowing.

July 28 – July 30

Let’s Get Cooking

Tuesday, July 28 | 2PM MST/3PM CST

Join us to hear about two unique cookbooks from the authors themselves. Each author has prepared a delicious presentation!

Coffee with Authors: Nonfiction Edition

Wednesday, July 29 | 10AM MST/11AM CST

Board member Stephanie Schindhelm, from Boulder Book Store, will present four very different nonfiction authors. Grab a cup of coffee and listen in to hear about these interesting titles!

Phoebe Gaston, Book Travelers West

Wednesday, July 29 | 1PM MST/2PM CST

Phoebe’s Phreakin’ Phabulous Apphair will blow your phreakin’ mind. Your phavorite Book Travelers West rep promises to get you all jazzed up about all the best books imaginable whilst throwing candy prizes at the screen and rewarding nonsensical points resulting in major giveaways. Prepare yourselphs.

Simon & Schuster Kids’ Editor’s Picks

Thursday, July 30 | 11AM MST/12PM CST

Exciting details to come!

Simon & Schuster Adult Editor’s Picks

Thursday, July 30 | 1PM MST/2PM CST

The Simon & Schuster adult editors will share their picks of the Fall 2020 list. Presenters: Lauren Wein (Avid Reader Press), Michelle Herrera Mulligan (Atria Books), Kathy Belden (Scribner), Priscilla Painton (Simon & Schuster), Joe Monti (Saga Press), Lauren Spiegel (Gallery Books), Rebecca Thomas (Adams Media), and Hannah Robinson (Tiller Press).

August 4 – 6

A Morning with Grove Atlantic

Wednesday, August 5 | 11AM MST/12PM CST

Grove Atlantic will present editors picks and host author Kelli Jo Ford (Crooked Hallelujah). More exciting details to come!

Young Readers Round-up

Wednesday, August 5 | 2PM MST/3PM CST

Reminiscent of our speed dating event at FallCon this event presents 10 authors of books for young readers, each giving a four minute pitch. Fast paced and fun!

At Home with Sourcebooks

Thursday, August 6 | 11AM MST/12PM CST

Exciting details to come!