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Eric Boss reviews THE LONG CALL

The Long Call by Ann CleevesON SALE SEPTEMBER 3, 2019Minotaur Books First in a new series by the Dagger Award-winning author of a long list of mysteries and television shows this book introduces a new sleuth: Matthew Venn. He is the estranged son of evangelical parents

Eric Boss reviews LAND OF WOLVES

I, for one, am glad that Walt Longmire is back. I was really worried about him in the last book when he was in Mexico battling nearly unaided except for a select group of new allies. He took a helluva beating and it’s not just


Travel Light, Move Fast by Alexandra FullerON SALE AUGUST 6, 2019Penguin Press As memoirs go, this is among the best and most affecting I’ve read. Anyone familiar with Fuller’s previous works will recognize her remarkable family and their adventures, and that’s not hyperbole. They were true