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Eric Boss reviews RANCID PANSIES

Rancid Pansies by James Hamilton-Paterson Europa EditionsON SALE NOVEMBER 8,2008 I don’t usually write up backlist titles as old as this one, but in this case I believe relatively few readers have had a chance to see it, and greater awareness of it is merited. It

Eric Boss reviews QUALITYLAND

Qualityland by Marc-Uwe Kling Grand Central ON SALE JANUARY 7, 2020 1 cup condensed 1984 by George Orwell½ cup Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut, pureed¼ cup Douglas Adams, finely chopped¼ cup Christopher Moore, grated2 Tbsp Carl Hiassen2 Tbsp George Saunders2 Tbsp William Gibson, divided (reserve 1