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  • Eblast
    • Dedicated e-blast to all our booksellers + synchronized Facebook post
    • Advertiser provides 600×800 px graphic, email subject line, Facebook post text, and link
    • Advertiser specifies the email delivery date





  • Banner Ad
    • Banners appear in your choice of our two content driven newsletters.
    • Advertiser provides a 700×200 banner with link.
    • Maximum of three banners in a single email. Space is first come, first served.





  • Combined Regional Banner
    • Appears simultaneously on the websites of the nine regional associations as nationwide promotion.
    • Advertiser provides 440×125 px & 125×440 px graphics (both required).*
    • Run time is one week.





* Please provide Regional Banner Ad artwork and links at least one week in advance of the scheduled ad date. Cancellation or failure to deliver ad materials incurs a $200 fee.