Professional Bookseller Certification Program


MPIBA has signed on as the first sponsor of the Professional Bookseller Certification Program. The purpose of the Professional Bookseller Certification Program is to provide independent booksellers with an education, training, and accreditation process that will:



  • Elevate the trade of independent bookselling to a standard approaching that of other professionals in similar industries related to education and public literary engagement.
  • Offer a standardized baseline knowledge across all aspects of the independent bookselling industry, as well as professional development opportunities for career booksellers.
  • Create an opportunity for mentorship, guidance, innovation, teaching, and information sharing among book industry members that will compensate people for their time and expertise.



The Event Management Module is underway now. Stay tuned for details on future classes.



MPIBA will reimburse member bookstores for their staff members who take these classes. Reimbursement will be issued when booksellers receive certification.

Learn More about this certification program:

The Event Management module is the first of six courses that are part of the certification program. Currently in development are: Inventory Management, Store Operations, and Basic Bookselling. Those programs are expected to begin later in 2021. The remaining modules, Staff & Human Resources and Career Fast Track, are scheduled to launch in 2022. For more information, visit the FAQs page.


Booksellers and industry staff who would like to be instructors for any of these modules are welcome to submit their name to NAIBA.