Professional Bookseller Certification Program

Event Management Professional Certification: CLASS FULL, WAITLIST IS FORMING

Stay tuned for details on future classes.


The Professional Bookseller Certification program, created by our friends at NAIBA, and supported by all of the regional associations and the ABA, is ready for students to enroll!


Registration is now closed for the Event Management module. Click below to be added to the waiting list for this or future editions of this class.


The cost of each module is $100. MPIBA will reimburse member bookstores for their staff members who take these classes. Reimbursement will be issued when booksellers receive certification.

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The Event Management module is the first of six courses that are part of the certification program. Currently in development are: Inventory Management, Store Operations, and Basic Bookselling. Those programs are expected to begin later in 2021. The remaining modules, Staff & Human Resources and Career Fast Track, are scheduled to launch in 2022. For more information, visit the FAQs page.


Booksellers and industry staff who would like to be instructors for any of these modules are welcome to submit their name to NAIBA.


The Professional Bookseller Certification Program is the first effort of its kind to draw upon the combined knowledge and experience of independent booksellers to create the modules and education materials while offering a professional certification for these learning opportunities.


“After 15 years of working in the book industry, I finally have the opportunity to be part of creating the professional certification program that I wish I had been able to attend when I was hired for my first bookselling job. It is an honor to be able to work collaboratively with my colleagues in the industry to compile our knowledge into these courses, to share best practices with other bookstores, and to be part of training the next generation of independent booksellers,” says BrocheAroe Fabian, owner, River Dog Book Co., and an instructor in the Events Management course.


To be a professional in any industry requires skills and knowledge and not just time. This program will train staff wishing to make bookselling a career, keeping the industry vibrant and stable. Training and education in-store are a good foundation, but often resources and time are limited. This certification program will train booksellers in the skills and resources to do their jobs well and certify to the industry that they have achieved a higher level of expertise.