Black Lives Matter

There is racial injustice in America, and in this moment, there is a reckoning that has been a long time coming. The truth is indisputable. Video after video of police brutalizing Black people stream across our social media feeds day after day.


It’s hard to not feel powerless to change a system that violently resists change. But we are not powerless. In fact, booksellers have a super power. We can give our customers new knowledge about hard truths. We can help expose and excite our customers about books by Black authors and about the Black experience. As a community of booksellers, we must amplify Black voices, support Black booksellers, and hold up Black owned businesses.


Your customers are embracing change. Bookstores around the region are selling anti racism books and books by Black authors from curated web pages and email blasts in record numbers. Publishers, authors, and bookstores have been sharing lists of books by Black authors, books about race and racial inequity, books that convey the American experience of being a Black person. We are compiling their suggestions, but we need to hear from you as well. What book ideas can you share to support this important moment in history?


This list is meant to be an inspiration – to help challenge and inspire you to find fresh ways to talk about old problems. We must change if we want the world to change.

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