Bookselling Resources & Pandemic Preparations

We’re keeping track of news from the book world and updating this page as it comes in. Contact with questions or updates.

What to do now

  • Activate a donation button on your IndieCommerce or IndieLite site, OR create a GoFundMe donation request.
  • Applying for a government loan or grant available under the CARES Act.
  • Send letters to your local and state government asking for support of local businesses and workers during this time.
  • Connect with vendors to inquire about holding shipments, extended dating, and other help.
  • Return any books for cancelled events ASAP.
  • Talk to your landlord and ask for rent relief.
  • Connect with Binc if a financial need arrises, and share information about Binc with your staff.
  • Connect with your customers:
    • Offer curbside pick up for customer orders.
    • Offer home delivery.
    • Promote your e-commerce site (if you don’t have e-commerce, connect with the ABA, or create an easy site.
    • Suggest gift certificate orders to support you now, then they can use them later when they want to browse.
    • Offer book reviews and recommendations on-line (email, website, social media).
    • Stream traditional in-person events, like story hours or book clubs.
    • Host virtual author events (connect with MPIBA staff or help).
    • Promote the importance of supporting independent businesses on your social media.

Publisher Support

We are adding direct links to additional publisher offers as we receive them. Email add your link to this list.


The ABA is posting a comprehensive list of offerings from publishers and vendors here.