Professional Bookseller Certification powered by NAIBA

Anyone interested in being an instructor for any of the modules in the Professional Bookseller Certification program should fill out this form.


Registration for booksellers interested in certification will begin later this year as modules are completed.


A task force is at work to create the curriculum and syllabus for each module. Fees and delivery methods for content are being developed; the task force is sensitive to making this accessible to all.


The Professional Bookselling Certification program will consist of five modules. The modules include: Basic Bookselling, Staff & Human Resources, Store & Operations Management, Event Management, and Inventory Management. Upon completion of each module, a bookseller will receive certification in that topic. When a bookseller completes all five modules, they will receive the designation of Certified Professional Bookseller. There is also a stand-alone module, Career Bookseller Fast Track, for seasoned booksellers, which will encompass the information in the individual modules. Upon completion of the Fast Track, a bookseller will receive the designation of Certified Professional Bookseller.