SpringCon 2019

In 2019, we began hosting a second spring conference in Texas. Below are a few images and highlights from our inaugural event in New Braunfels, Texas, followed by pictures from our annual meeting in Golden, Colorado.

Keynote speaker Jennifer Weiner presents Mrs. Everything
Hugh Fitzsimons signs A ROCK BETWEEN TWO RIVERS (Trinity University Press)
Susan Kralovansky signs THE BOOK THAT JAKE BORROWED (Pelican)
Noelle Salazar discusses The Flight Girls (MIRA)
Illustrator Jared Chapman signs DIDI DODO, FUTURE SPY: RECIPE FOR DISASTER (Amulet Books)
Tears of the Truffle-pig (FSG) author Fernando Flores
Lara Prescott, author of THE SECRETS WE KEPT (Knopf) and Chelsea Green from Bibliobar
P.J. Hoover signs THE HIDDEN CODE (CBAY Books)
Charlie Llewellin signs WALKNG AUSTIN (AdventureKeen)
Author Andy Mientus shows off THE BACKSTAGERS (Amulet Books) between signings
Amy Bearce presents SHORTCUTS (CBAY Books)
Geanna Culbertson signs her Crisanta Knight series (BQB & WriteLife Publishing)
Authors Holly Brochmann & Leah Bowen present A FEEL BETTER BOOK FOR LITTLE TEARS (Magination Press)
ABA CEO Oren Teicher
Michelle Malonzo (Changing Hands Bookstore) in conversation with
Karl Marlantes (DEEP RIVER)
Game Night! Sponsored by Chronicle Books
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Keynote speaker Shannon Watts (FIGHT LIKE A MOTHER)
Author! Author! Dinner – Ian Neligh (SPURRED WEST)
Author! Author! Dinner - Bruce Holsinger (THE GIFTED SCHOOL)
Author! Author! Dinner – Virginia Reeves (THE BEHAVIOR OF LOVE)
Author! Author! Dinner - Steven Wingate (OF FATHERS AND FIRE)
Author! Author! Dinner – Carter Wilson (THE DEAD GIRL IN 2A)
Author! Author! Dinner – Claudia Mills (NIXIE NESS: COOKING STAR)
Author! Author! Dinner – Andrea Bobotis (THE LAST LIST OF MISS JUDITH KRATT)
Author! Author! Dinner – Lori Chapman Longfritz (ALONE AT DAWN)
Author! Author! Dinner – Laura Resau (TREE OF DREAMS)
Author! Author! Dinner – Kimberlee Gard (THE DAY PUNCTUATION CAME TO TOWN)
Author! Author! Dinner – Erica Witsell (GIVE)
Author! Author! Dinner – Kim Tomsic (GUITAR GENIUS)
MPIBA Board of Directors