The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t with Her Mind by Jackson Ford
ON SALE JUNE 18, 2019

With this title the reader will undoubtedly expect something out of the ordinary, and that is what the author delivers. A sort of mystery-thriller with a sci-fi twist, it’s highly entertaining. It’s briskly written and paced with a kind of casual intensity illuminating the unconventional protagonist’s dialogue and actions.

Teagan is a young member of a clandestine group masquerading as a moving company called The China Shop. They do solicit jobs physically moving furniture and various office equipment to keep the false face honest, but what they really do is take out bad guys for a shady government agency that can’t operate in the bright light of public disclosure. She is particularly valuable to them because she possesses the power of psychokinesis, the ability to move shit with her mind. Everything inorganic, that is. She can’t affect anything made of cloth, wood, paper, food, etc. Metal, stone, concrete – no problem. Toss filing cabinet through a window? You bet. Lift a handgun from a felon’s hand and glue it to the ceiling? Gotcha. You can see how she’s a key member of the team.

The problem is she’s on borrowed time. Another part of the government, not her agency, would like to get her in the lab and study her closely, maybe even dissect her to find out how she does it. Her talent, if it could be reproduced, would make it possible to create super-soldiers. She dodges the biology lab by making herself useful to the head of her outfit, a cold and calculating woman who takes advantage of Teagan’s vulnerability to pressure her into dangerous situations. Teagan acquiesces, but with bad grace. Her foul-mouthed retorts and hair-trigger temper make her a difficult employee, at best.
But she’s the only living person who can do what she does, so she has the upper hand, for now. That could change, though. If and when it does, all bets are off and she’s in jeopardy.

Fast and fun, this is a leisure read, for sure, but written intelligently and peppered with enough strange stuff to keep things interesting. A surprising twist at the end is also a bonus present.

Shelf Talker: A woman who has the power of psychokinesis works with an agency that puts away bad guys in unusual and untraceable ways. Problems arise, though, when an operation goes bad and exposes the whole crew to public disclosure, an eventuality that would put them out of business and remove any protection the woman has from curious scientists who would like to take her apart to see how she functions. Fast-paced and fun.