Eric Boss reviews A DANGEROUS MAN

A Dangerous Man by Robert Crais
Putnam’s Sons

This is the 21st (I think) novel from this master of the mystery thriller, featuring favorites Elvis Cole and Joe Pike. Pike and Cole make an interesting pair: Cole, the smart-mouthed, flamboyantly attired canny and skilled gumshoe with an aged Corvette and Pike, the taciturn hardened veteran of war and crime fighting whose personal arsenal and knowledge of weapons and explosives is formidable. The author furnishes us with a typically satisfying roller coaster ride of bad guys, innocent victims and tight suspense set in the backdrop of coastal California, LA style.

Pike falls into a kidnapping outside his bank just after he’s transacted some business when the cashier who served him is grabbed by two thugs and thrown into a car. He’s moved by his unerring compulsion to see justice done into stepping in. The felons wind up on the pavement, hands zip-tied behind their backs with collateral contusions while the victim finds herself freed and breathing heavily in the presence of her muscular and enigmatic savior. Make sure your safety bars are securely lowered and locked, because the ride is about to begin.

Remarkably fast-paced and relentless narrative prohibits any diminution of interest from the reader as the two mismatched partners follow leads, puzzle out conundrums and cope with foul characters without consciences. This has it all which will be no surprise to Crais’ faithful readers. Skillfully paced and cunningly devised, this tale epitomizes the mystery-thriller genre with first-class entertainment delivered with humor and dash. A ton of fun.

Shelf Talker: Cole and Pike are at it again, utilizing their unique personalities to protect an innocent young woman and discover who is at the bottom of a sinister well of crime. And they do, with panache. Plenty of action, fast-paced and entertaining, it’s a thriller of the first order.