Digital Book Promotion Made Easy

Storiad’s mission is to help your authors sell more books. Storiad simplifies, streamlines, and automates delivery of digital book promotion services to accomplish that goal. Recognizing an opportunity for authors to increase sales through direct marketing and publicity efforts, Ramzi S. Hajj and Nathan Tyler founded Storiad in 2010, in Pasadena, California. Storiad has grown to offer eight marketing and publicity apps in a single platform, with plans to develop additional applications. Created to function as Software as a Service (SaaS), Storiad gains authors and publishers while continuing to advance its capabilities.

Whether you are a traditional publishing company, a hybrid publishing company, or a self-publishing company, Storiad can be seamlessly integrated into your workflow to offer your authors a “one-stop-shop” from which to market and publicize newly released and/or backlist titles.

8 Apps, 1 Platform

For every book marketing and publicity task, Storiad has an app:

  1. Collect and organize author- and title-related information in one place
  2. Generate a customized, step-by-step marketing plan to run an effective digital book marketing campaign
  3. Develop an unlimited number of digital press kits, each with a unique URL
  4. Access a publicity research database with 31,200+ records
  5. Integrate research results with customized emailing templates, similar to MailChimp
  6. Schedule and host an unlimited amount of live video Webinars with audiences around the world
  7. Access to a LinkedIn-type publishing industry network
  8. Use interactive calculators to better manage the budgeting side of book promotion

Post-training, Storiad provides you and your authors:

  1. Tech support
  2. Publicity research support
  3. Marketing strategy support

The enterprise version of Storiad allows for platform customization to meet your unique training, messaging, and branding needs.The platform is accessible from anywhere, on any device, including mobile.

Future Development

Storiad’s next milestones for development include increased integration with social media, expanded analytics, and an interactive Learning Management System (LMS).

Economic Rationale & Pricing Models

Authors can be the most motivated and productive promoters of their books. As such, they represent an untapped source of revenue for publishers. Storiad’s platform promotes value – creating digital book marketing and publicity campaigns.

Storiad is an ideal and incredibly economical solution to help your authors promote new releases and backlist titles. A range of pricing models are available and can be customized based on the volume of titles and authors.

Partnership Opportunities

Storiad seeks publisher and distributor partnerships to create a seamless process for campaign on-boarding, training, management, and support. By integrating Storiad into your workflow, your authors will have a powerful tool to promote their new releases and backlist titles.

Storiad provides risk-free financial guarantees, deeply discounted rates for platform use, grandfathered-in prices for future tech development, and close coordination to ensure Storiad continues to develop the technology to solve your book promotion challenges.